Welcome to House of Tomfoolery! I'm Farah Benis, an artist, campaigner, and wearer of many hats. For years, I've been at the forefront of Catcalls of London, a public sexual harassment campaign, where I've witnessed firsthand the dark side of online trolling and derogatory remarks towards women.

In response to this toxicity, I embarked on a journey of reclaiming power through art. Enter the Tarot Icons series—a playful yet powerful exploration of reclaiming labels hurled at women. Each piece is a defiant statement, challenging societal norms and celebrating the strength and resilience of womanhood.

But my creativity doesn't stop there. House of Tomfoolery is my haven for all things fun, silly, and art—the heartbeat of my creative expression.

Join me on this journey as we embrace the absurdities of life and celebrate the beauty of individuality. Here, silliness reigns supreme, and art is the language of the soul. Welcome to House of Tomfoolery—where laughter is the best medicine, and creativity knows no bounds.