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The Sweaty Peasant Tote

The Sweaty Peasant Tote

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The Sweaty Peasant - the second of the Tarot Icons. Inspired by Andrew Tate's derogatory tweets about women that go to festivals, this artwork was a "f*ck you" against the labelling of women.

The Sweaty Peasant invites you to dance like no one's watching and live life to the fullest.

Use her as a daily reminder of your absolute give-no-fucks.

Please note - these are made to order - so please just decide if you want it or not before ordering - as quite frankly, returns are a pain in the ass, and this is a small business with low-profit margins. 

Full return policy can be found here.

If your item is faulty please contact us immediately and we will rectify this immediately.

Weight: 300 gsm (that means it's nice and thick and won't fall apart in 5 minutes. We're here for a long time... and a good time!)

Material: 80% recycled cotton, 20% recycled polyester.

Note: Colour representation is only as accurate as the web design process allows.

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